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Welcome to Hans's Vintage Pens

Thank you for visiting our Web-site

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Company Profile.

We are a UK company specializing in Vintage and Modern Fountain Pens

As we are a private company that offers a personal service.

On our site we offer approximately 150+ Fountain Pens for sale, with photos.


As a collector and dealer in vintage fountain pens we have been established for more than 20 years, and travel extensively in Europe and USA to most of the large pen shows.

We offer for sale Vintage Fountain Pens and a selection of modern pens.

All pens are sold in working order, every description will give you the condition, what repairs have been carried out, nib size, grade.

In order to classify the condition of a pen we use the following scale:

Mint - Pen has not been inked.                                                                                           
Near Mint - Pen shows no signs of use, has  been inked , or dipped                                                                                      
Very Good - Pen is obviously used and this is shown in some wear and minor marks.
Good - Pen is well used, imprints may be worn down but is fully functional.
Fair - Pen works but may be not all original, such as missing or wrong clip

 Excellent - Pen has been used but shows little signs of wear.


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Contact Information

Mobile Telephone
44 (0)7850 771183
Postal address
1, Hassocks Close, Eastbourne, E.Sussex, BN23 8LT, UK
Electronic mail
Sales: Hans Seiringer ( hanspens@hotmail.com)
Customer Support: Hans Seiringer

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Send mail to Hans Seiringer , ( hanspens@hotmail.com) with questions or comments about this web site.
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